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Welcome To Life Foundation

We are providing indoor & Outdoor Service regarding addiction & alcoholism problem as well as related psychological disorder since 18th november 2005.

We have successfully provided the above mentioned services to 2400 people approximately. Not only to the addicts & alcoholic we have rendered a very supporting & successfull family counselling to all the family members of addicts & alcoholics mentioned above.


All Kinds of psychological disorders & diseases are generally not taken very seriously by most of the people due to lack of awareness. This Psychological disorders & diseases includes -

1. Adament at adolcense

2. Adament & Teenage

3. Depression

4. Domestic violence

5. Frustration

6. Inattentive in study at teenage

7. Life style disorder

8. E-addiction

9. Marrital discord

10. Marrital stress

11. Unwilling to work

12. Teenage problems

13. Unwilling to study

14. Children trauma due to parental discord

We provide all kinds of information, support, guidence, counselling & many more.

Our team comprises of -

1. Neuropsychiartist (Visiting outdoor psychiartist)

Dr. Suparna Roy Chatterjee MBBS(Cal) MD(Cal)

2. MD Medicine

Dr. Suranjan Pal MBBS(Cal) MD (Microbiology)

3. General Physician

Dr. Utpal Ghosh MBBS(Cal)

4. Psychologist

Ms. Ankita Biswas

5. Counsellor

(i) Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty (ii) Mr. Sumon Mukherjee

6. Prior Motivator

(i) Surojit Sarkar (ii) Asit Bannerjee